Founded in 2017, Artist PopUps is a mobile platform that conveniently connects nearby artists with people who want spontaneous, exclusive arts experiences in their environment. Our goal is to make the arts more social!

How It Works

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Browse for nearby artists on our platform

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Book to Location

All of the logistics are streamlined and handled through the app.

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Invite friends and enjoy the live, "PopUp" artistry.


Artist PopUps was created for the spontaneous arts lovers, who thrive on live arts but don't have time to go through a complex and/or drawn-out booking processes. We are striving to make live art more accessible than it has ever been before!.

Hosts/Arts Lovers Live artistry at your fingertips

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  • Book artists instantly
  • Discover exclusive "PopUp" events
  • Simplify all logistics through our app

PopUp Sessions

13 Jan, 2018
Artist PopUps presents our first artistic showcase from "The PopUp Series".

The PopUp Series is a string of events focused on showcasing local arts talent. The PopUp Series will include eclectic art sessions ranging from, music, spoken word,and comedy to culinary, mixology and more! To stay true to the spontaneous "PopUp" theme, we won't disclose the type of art being showcased until the night of the event. This showcase will show the endless possibilities of booking live artistry to your location with Artist PopUps!



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